About Me

My name is Jordan and I am the creator & product developer for SimpleMindDesign. My wife, two kids and I live in Columbia, MD, USA and absolutely adore the outdoors. Any chance to get out of the house and explore, hike, camp, or ride our bikes is a welcomed option. Hell, even just a walk to the local parks help bring fulfillment to our everyday lives.

I've been drawing for a few years now. When I'm drawing, mother earth is on my mind. All the beautiful places and all the beautiful moments, swirling around my brain. 

I create pieces that resonate with me, my emotions, and my perspective of the world. I hope they connect on a deeper level with you too, and if you'd like me to create something personal for you, something is that is one of a kind, I'd be honored. Just email me at info@simpleminddesign.com!


What if instead of just producing more stuff, more things that eventually, over time, end up in the landfill... what if we actually gave back to the earth every time we bought something new? 

We're committed to donating a portion of EVERY SALE to an environmental cause that supports the cleanup and restoration efforts of our lakes, bays, rivers and oceans. 

The world's water sources make up the majority of our planet and play a huge role in shaping our climate. We need this planet, but more importantly, we have a responsibility to leave our kids and grandkids with a habitable and beautiful planet. 

Thank you for visiting our site. We hope you join us on this adventure and support us, supporting others on your behalf.